This is one of the best decisions we have ever made. FETCH provides not only excellent company and exercise for Myrtle but also they have been doing training with her, which her two mums – Jane and Robyn – sure have appreciated. When Myrtle goes out it’s not just for a little spin down the park she is out for hours and comes home happy and exhausted. Importantly she has learnt great socialisation skills with other dogs.
I happened to be at home last week when FETCH arrived. It may not seem possible but Myrtle did a triple somersault with delight and excitement to see the FETCH van. Many thanks to FETCH for such a fantastic service. We would highly recommend FETCH dog walking to any dog owner!

Jane, Robyn and Myrtle

Joining FETCH is probably the single best decision we made in approaching the care of our dog. Owning a dog is lots of responsibility and being part of the FETCH family feels like we have back up when we need. Honey adores her weekly walks with the gang and is learning lots of good behaviour from the ‘teachers’ in the pack. FETCH has also taught us lots about how to care for Honey and tips on training.

Linda and Honey Roberts
FETCH have been amazing, I am so happy I found them. I just got my first rescue puppy (Jessa) but being at work full time and living in the city can be really busy, however, I know I have FETCH that take Jessa out to all different locations.

They have really helped us settle Jessa in to her new home, we know we can always talk to them for support.

Caroline and Jessa Witchlow

Andy and the team at FETCH provide a fantastic service for us and our dog Eddie. Eddie just loves going out for his walks with FETCH and his little doggy friends. He gets a good long walk in many different, exciting places, and comes home happy and tired. FETCH have a great way with dogs and are so caring. FETCH has also been helping with his manners; we’ve noticed Eddie has much better behaviour on his lead. He definitely has a lot of fun on his walks! We’re so glad we’ve found FETCH and would recommend them highly.

Rob, Sharon, Emma, Jack and Eddie
Flick and I love FETCH, Flick is ready looking out for Linda’s car first thing in the morning. She is very eager to go and I am sure reluctant to come home! One of the other great benefits is the dogs have to sort out the pecking order when they get in the walking pack. We love the flexibility of being able to vary the number of walks depending on my schedule. I highly recommend the FETCH dog walking service.
Pip and Flick Dunphy